Here in the great Northeast, spring has been hiding behind a shroud of rain and clouds. I  have been largely unaware of the changing of the light as we wheel toward solstice. The lengthening of the day has been muted by ever present clouds. Yet I feel the pull of something new, the tug of growth. One recent evening, after another low sky day, the clouds cleared and I finally noticed the light of day leaning into night. Spring reaching into Summer.

So much happens without our seeing, most of life really. We miss incremental shifts  until one day, the deed done, our eyes see how much growth has occurred in silence, how much has changed within our tiny sphere of reality. We so often only acknowledge the boundaries, the limits, when in fact we are actually part of a boundless expanse of space and energy….expanding in every moment. Reiki  shares that unseen  attribute as part of a deeper energy consciousness. With slow and steady interaction with the vibration of Reiki and  daily communion with the Reiki precepts, incremental shifts occur in silence. One day the realization hits that you are not the same.

I may have shared this before but it bears repeating:

“Reiki is the Universal energy; anyone can use and benefit from it because the Great Universe never chooses anyone in particular. It is just like sunlight. The sun gives out its energy equally to all beings, but not everyone benefits equally. If one believes that sunlight is bad for his health, he closes the door to refuse the sun, although the sun is still sending the energy to him. If we set up limitations with ourselves, we will receive limited benefits. If we release the limitation and open…we can enjoy the unlimited benefits.”                                                                                    Hiroshi Doi, Japanese Master




Question: In what way should I participate in this era of transformation and not lose my way?

Answer: By holding the space for healing and transformation .

Oren Lyons is a Faithkeeper of the Iroquois Confederacy. His responsibility in this role is to be a peaceful,clear visionary for his people, to hold the space for Faith and Well Being in spite of events playing out around them. His role is a sacred duty, an esteemed position and necessary for the strength of his people.

I am given the choice everyday (and sometimes in the middle of the night) to place my thoughts and energy along certain paths. It is a constant dynamic undertaking. Through Reiki, prayer and contemplation, through surrender and detachment, it always comes back to holding the light, the intention for spiritual ease and the space for healing. In this way I am a Faithkeeper, self -appointed for sure but still part of a valuable energetic tradition that I need to believe in.


I found myself, again today, carrying a vague melancholy. I’ve been attentive to the quality of my energy these past few months, choosing to believe that if I can maintain a calm, even, detached presence I may just tip the collective mindset towards light. I can dream.  So, this nameless sadness was vexing me and I went to my Archangel Oracle cards to seek a way forward.

I pulled the “Prioritize” card , a recurring card lately that I attribute to having a few projects in the works.  I didn’t feel like addressing any of the possible tasks that I could choose from. I decided to go for a walk. I prioritized my mood – the changing of it.

Sun on my skin, breeze in the trees, the scent of the damp earth warming; wild roses, clover and peonies in bloom. I walked off my thoughts. I became present in my body and grateful for the beauty around me.

As I was weeding my way up the driveway ,  reaching beneath a rugosa rose bush, the thought occurred to me that I had, in fact, stopped to smell the roses! By tending to my mood, by prioritizing how I felt, I had stumbled into peace. And maybe that will be enough again today.

Quiet Time

It is our quiet time. We do not speak, because the voices are within us. It is our quiet time.”               

{Nancy Wood / Earth Prayers from Around the World}


In the face of all the noise, all the words, all the fear: it might be good for the soul to gather in and be quiet. Just for a bit, every day, as often as needed.

The voice of fear is not your voice. Your voice croons to you. It offers you comfort. Your voice is a lullaby reminding you to trust and to breathe. Listen.

Holy Work

“I am living in a broken world and there is holy work to do.”

I heard this quote on a TED talk while driving and though I retained the quote (hastily scribbled while driving…), I failed to record who said it and so, I apologize for not respectfully attributing it to its source.

“…living in a broken world and there is holy work to do…” These words struck such a chord,  resonating with such power and clarity. Culturally, so much seems to be broken and maybe that’s good. From my point of view that signifies a time of transition, which usually means that things can get messy and disorienting and possibly frightening. But there is a forward trajectory implied in transition, or more accurately, I choose to believe in the forward movement that is possible in transition. Something is left behind as we advance on a new Other. The holy work is done in the moving ahead. The holy work is healing work.

Maintaining mental, emotional, spiritual stability is holy work. Taking care of yourself is holy work. Choosing to heal is a powerful choice. Making that choice from a place of brokenness is a remarkably powerful step to take. It takes discipline to walk a healing path, to show up consistently with healing as your intention. Making that choice is something any one can do. Truly. Choose better thoughts. Choose better food, better company. Choose silence, fresh air, a deep breath. Trust the cumulative effects.

“Flowers do not force their way with great strife.

Flowers open to perfection slowly in the sun.

Don’t be in a hurry about spiritual matters.

Go step by step, and be very sure.”

~ Grace Cooke/White Eagle

Living as a Wild Queen

Long before I heard the terms “earthing” or “forest bathing” (both terms alluding to the healing properties of Nature), I spent many hours alone in the fields, woods and swamps surrounding my childhood home. I didn’t do this as a spiritual practice. I was simply called to wander, it always made me feel good. Well, if not good, better. As an adult, I recognize that Nature is a dependable source of comfort and healing for me.

I recently found the following poem, written during a time of personal upheaval. Many nights the only way that I could find peace or sleep was to make a bed on top of the picnic table in my back yard.  Surrounded by trees under the night sky, I could rest.

What does this have to do with Reiki? Well, , as Einstein said, “Energy is all there is. ” I suspect that what I call Reiki is part of  this vast healing source I find in Nature, a limitless web of  energy.

Flight of a Wild Queen

Coyotes sing their wild night music.

With frenzied purpose they join in howls and yips

to raise the dark, to raise the moon, to raise my wild heart.

Wild Woman weaves a new dream from ancient dreams,

a new heart from ancient rhythms.

Donning a cloak  fashioned from all soft things,

moss and fur and silky mist,

might I move on the wings of Hawk, thread the trees in silent Owl flight,

Call with Raven’s voice?

Hold the light or cast the light ? Ride the moon and wind?

Might I raise a candle flame to fear and banish it with a whisper?

Story Half Told

We’re all in the midst of our own story, not knowing how long the story lasts or how the story will end.

Most of us don’t dwell on it, content to live our days as they present themselves with schedules and tasks. But for those among us who are living with a serious medical diagnosis, a new focus comes into play.

I am so proud to introduce you to my friend and longtime client, Michael Kovarik, and his Story Half Told.

Michael Kovarik’s Story Half Told

My work with Michael has taught me so much about Love, Strength, and Faith. He is a wonderful teacher and beautiful spirit, an angel among us.



Tiyoweh, the Stillness

Listening Woman is the Clan Mother of the Stillness  whose moon cycle falls in May, according to Wisdom Keeper Jamie Sams.


“Once a person can access the Stillness and can hear the small, still voice within, that  person has the potential to realize personal wholeness because she has accessed the voice of inner truth.” (13 Original Clan Mothers, Jamie Sams)


Time spent on the Reiki table is an opportunity to enter the Stillness. Leaving the flow of the outside world to embark on an inward journey, however brief, is a meaningful and empowering  measure to take. As the mind switches gears under the balancing influence of Reiki vibration, a subtle expansion begins to unfold. Within that space, with any luck, words drop away or simply pass through , a flicker of thought.

Sams goes on to explain, “Listening Woman’s talents are derived from her ability to be totally still, to take in all the impressions she can gather, and then to formulate a concept of the whole.”

That sounds  like Clarity.  Who among us can’t use more of that?

February Moon, the Wisdom Keeper

In her book “the 13 Original Clan Mothers”, Jamie Sams, Native American wise woman and teacher, writes that one of the spiritual attributes of the February Moon Cycle is the teaching of ” honoring the truth in all things”.

Her words:  ” Wisdom Keeper teaches us that knowledge of the expansive view of the Planetary Family is the key to Self development.  She shows us how to honor the truth in every race, creed, culture, life form, Tribe and Tradition through seeing the similarities in all.”

This is a timely message, given the current of unrest permeating our social fabric.  If you are challenged by this disharmony (dis-ease?), please remember the power of your choices. This seems like a brilliant opportunity for all of us to “walk our talk”.

Respect. Compassion. Patience. Detachment. Commit to a daily practice of something that brings you balance and perspective. Do something nice. Be kind. Support a cause you believe in. CREATE a cause that you believe in! These are all acts of Power.

Borrowing the words of Coretta Scott King offered during the unrest of the Civil Rights Movement:

“Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul.”

That call should now extend to  include the loving energy of soulful men. We’re all in this together.


Insights from the Reiki Table

I recently enjoyed a Reiki session – a full fledged, one on one appointment devoted solely to me. It’s embarassing to admit how long it has been since I booked a full session for myself (therefore, I won’t ). I am disciplined with my daily self-care. I have received Reiki in group/share settings during trainings and gatherings. Neither of these is comparable to a full session with a well trained Reiki professional.

I learned a few things about myself. Initially, I was interested to observe how my chosen practitioner would conduct the session, curious as to how the session would unfold and yes, wondering how  I would compare as a practitioner myself. I was vigilant in my assessment of the session as it was unfolding. Thankfully, I quickly recognized what I was doing. I noticed how I was clenched in my neck and shoulders. I realized I was firmly IN MY HEAD.

Light bulb… Deep breath….Shift my awareness to my heart…Let go….

No need for Me to run the session. Time to surrender, to soften, to receive. Then it all changed. With my awareness shifted, I was able to feel the  support of the table, secure beneath a light blanket, held by confident hands, soothed by soft music.  I was fully present yet transported to an awareness beyond those physical components. I received. I allowed. I was nourished.

My insights? Well, I was reminded to loosen my grip on control, to try to remain more supple –  emotionally and spiritually. As a practitioner, I was reminded of how important it is to radiate confidence, to hold the space, both energetically and physically, for the client so that they may explore their inner landscape from a place of security. I was reminded how much power the recipient has in affecting the quality of the Reiki experience by virtue of the barriers they may be operating behind. And I was reminded of how powerful a Reiki session can be. Self-care is imperative for me. It is an important ritual, a way to honor my commitment to Reiki and to myself. However, receiving Reiki from a trusted professional takes you to places you are unlikely to reach on your own. I can easily summon the  resonance, expansion and peace I experienced during that appointment. I will not wait so long again.

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